Stick Figure Badminton

Stick Figure Badminton

Stick Figure Badminton

Stick Figure Badminton is one of the most popular badminton games. Because this game has very simple gameplay and players can play against the machine or with their actual friends corresponding to two modes. Player mode is 1 player mode and 2 player mode.
In 1 player mode, the player competes against the computer and there are two small modes here, you control a stick-shaped character or a racket to support and legalize the ball for your opponent. The easier racket mode will help you practice the operations smoothly before competing with other opponents. In single player mode, the player who scores will continue to tee off. When you win against an opponent, you will continue to play against other opponents, and so on and so on. The more opponents in the back will have the better able to fight and the harder it will be to win.
In 2-player mode, you need to be with your actual friend to sit in front of the computer and compete against each other. The two players compete to see who will win and can continue to compete with each other a lot of matches.
The person who scores 7 points before that person will win. Each score corresponds to a time when the opponent cannot block the ball. Both you and the opponent have the same ability.
To win, players need to practice their skills and deal flexibly with situations to bring their characters to victory. Combine skills to become the winner and conquer this game.
The game is completely free, gives players more fun and more applications compatible with most Android devices, iOS, computers so players can play anywhere if they want.

How to play Stick Figure Badminton

Stick Figure Badminton uses up arrow to jump, left and right arrow to move, down arrow to hit the ball. Players need to combine these skills skillfully to defeat all opponents.

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