Run 3

Run 3

Run 3

Run 3 is the sequel to the extremely interesting run game and is loved by the online community. Your character is very hyperactive, it automatically moves forward, you will control your character to avoid through holes and obstacles so that they do not fall out of the way.
It runs in a walled space surrounding 4 sides, endless end. On the track, there will be alternating holes, if you fall into it, you will lose your life. The holes can be narrow, they can be very wide, you need to jump over them or avoid them. You can circle 4 surrounding walls which are also 4 grooves, zigzag and avoid falling into the holes. There are holes that are covered by a thin crust when touched, they will fall down so you have to be careful. And countless challenges on the track for you to have fun experiences.
After crossing the road, you will automatically move to a new level, one level to another and you will not rest between levels like other games. The higher the level, the harder the difficulty will be, the denser the number of holes will be. Pass the levels to unlock the ultimate of this game.
To become good at this game, you need to practice regularly to improve your mobility, speed and reaction accuracy.
The game helps you kill time very well, highly entertaining but not expensive. You only need an internet connection to play this game comfortably or you can also download to play when there is no internet. If you play online, you can share the results with your friends on social networking sites and save your achievements on the player’s rankings if the results are high.
This game is constantly improved to suit the player, to give players the excitement and interest in playing.
This game is suitable for all ages, especially children, it will help them train reflexes for hands, eyes and flexible reactions.
The game is completely free, does not require a fee to download, does not require a fee to play or play other activities related to the game.

How to play Run 3

Run 3 is controlled by the arrow keys or keyboard characters. Use the A key or arrow to the left to move your character to the left when there are obstructions or black holes in front or right. and vice versa, arrow key D or right to move right. Space bar or UP ARROW KEY to jump over holes or other obstacles.
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