Qwop brings players to beautiful jogging challenges. The task of the player is to control his character to run quickly and complete the 100m milestone. The game helps players entertain very effectively and Overcome yourself by helping the character run to the destination.
The game has no time limit as well as obstacles or other opponents. You just need to control your character on a running track, it’s simple, right, but when playing, you will find this game is not simple. The move character will be quite difficult for new players and has not found a reasonable way to move. It would help if you controlled your feet to maintain the balance of your feet to avoid making your character fall. No matter where you fall, your character will lose his life and you will play the race. The first time you may be very difficult to move the character, but only after some time, you will be able to pass easily.
When players reach the goal of 50m and 100m, they will receive a special reward, this will encourage morale for players.
The game interface is very simple, only race track, players and stats are achieved.
Difficult movement is both challenging for you and helping you overcome yourself. The difficult move will make you bored and easy to give up the game, but if you find a way to move, you will be very interested in this game.
The game is compatible with almost any device of Android, IOS, computer to help players play anywhere.

How to play Qwop

Players need to cleverly combine the controls to keep the character balanced and move well on the track. The Q key helps the character to control the left thigh, the W key to control the right thigh, the O key to control the left calf, the P key to control the right calf.

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