Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush takes you to battles where you need to use your strategy to destroy the enemies and protect the kingdom. Your mission is to build towers to destroy each enemy army layer. before they go to the end of the road.
With over 45 different enemy characters, they appear in layers like Orcs, witches, trolls … come and attack your forces. These classes appear increasingly dangerous and denser. May appear from one branch or many other roads. When they reach the end of the road, your health will be reduced, the more names fall, the faster you will lose.
Throughout the game, you can build battle towers with 8 dedicated tower upgrades and with over 18 tower abilities that help you destroy enemies to protect your kingdom from the onslaught of enemies with how to destroy them before they reach the end of the road. The protection towers produce soldiers, artillery towers … each tower can be upgraded to high-end versions with more features. You can use special weapons such as rain to shoot at your enemies, add reinforcements, … Customize defensive strategies, change towers, send troops to other positions. Unlock the next level after destroying all troops and winning.
To build and upgrade towers, you need to use a certain amount of money. The money you earn by destroying enemies and winning completely will get more money.
You can track your stats as well as enemies to use accordingly strategically. Health indicators, usable features, destroyed enemy classes and earned money are shown on the screen.
You are provided with health corresponding to 20 hearts, if the enemy goes to the end of the road and attacks your kingdom, your health will be reduced.

How to play Kingdom Rush

The game is very simple, using the mouse to control and buy upgrades but will give players a very enjoyable relaxing moment.

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