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Epic Battle Fantasy 2

Epic Battle Fantasy 2

Epic Battle Fantasy 2

Epic Battle Fantasy 2 is a popular fighting role-playing game. In this game, bad characters are invading the world and you need it with your supporters to stand up, fight and destroy. extermination to protect the world.
Turn-based fighting games help you show your ability to use your ability. You need to understand and understand the abilities of the character to deliver the right attack, greatly reduce the enemy’s vitality and keep your character healthy.
You direct the two main characters Matt and Natalie to perform the attacks one by one by clicking the action you want to perform and then selecting the target you want to perform that action. A stronger and weaker character, they are all capable of fighting, spells, and other or similar weapons. They can use strategy to destroy an enemy character or with all enemy characters at the same time, or combine them both into one for better strength and ability to destroy enemies.
The game does not have an upgrade system but after completing several waves of enemies, the player can choose one of the available skill rewards to enhance their abilities.
The red limit bar shows damage to the player, when full becomes the standard attack into Break Limit. The mana indicator bar is green.
Your enemy will appear in layers, each layer appears 2 or 3 characters, each character may be similar or different in shape as well as characteristics and combat ability. When you destroy small character classes, cluster characters will appear, with much more dangerous shapes and weapons.
The progress of the game is shown in a simple map where the progress will be saved and the player can play a minigame, another additional feature, to earn extra money before going to the store to buy some items.

How to play Epic Battle Fantasy 2

Use the mouse to perform the controls. If you need instructions please click on the “help” button

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